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Hot Pepper Spray

If you’ve ever touched your nose or eyes after cutting hot peppers, you’ll understand exactly why this pesticide is so effective!

While you can purchase natural hot pepper sprays at the store, they can be expensive – especially considering they usually require frequent applications. Luckily, this homemade version is every bit as effective, yet comes at a fraction of the price.

Firstly, you’ll need to wear gloves! Then you can add two cups of chopped hot peppers (like habaneros) to a food processor with a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and a bulb of garlic (cloves extracted and peeled).

Puree this fiery mixture and place in a bucket with four gallons of water. Allow to steep for 24 hours before straining. Mix in three tablespoons of dish soap to the spicy liquid and pour into a spray bottle.

For a pest free garden, apply liberally to your plants twice a week.

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